About Aggistri

Agistri Island

Agistri is a small, quiet, largely underdeveloped island part of the Saronic group of islands. Only an hour from Athens, it has been the best kept secret weekend getaway for Athenians for years. Only now are people from distant countries looking for a quiet Greek island experience finding out about Agistri..

History of Abatis Hotel

Pavlos and Eleni Abati had a vision. In 1974 they saw the potential of a piece of hilly land on the then-obscure island of Agistri. Others didn't see that the hillier the land, the better the view. Pavlos took particular care in the design of the hotel, insisting on the exceptionally high standards that Abatis has become known for. When others were slapping together cheap quality hotels, Abatis was the only hotel built with its own capacity for water reserves to ensure that hotel guests were never made uncomfortable by the occasional droughts or plumbing disruptions. In 2000 when the entire island had no water for a week in peak summer season, Abatis was running a fully booked hotel at maximum capacity with full water service from their special water reserves. The walls were built extra thick to keep the blazing summer heat out, and every room has its own balcony with full sliding walls to ensure the pleasant cross-breezes it still has. Despite the extra trouble and expense, Pavlos made a special point of having each of the balcony views framed by an archway to heighten the already beautiful view. This same architectural detail of the archway is repeated throughout the hotel as da esign reference to the traditional architecture of the Cyclades islands.
In its continual running for the last 30+ years it has seen many different phases to keep up with the current demands of the visitors. For the first 20 years the hotel mainly had groups from other countries and only made the switch to serving Greek clientele in 1996.
In 2008 the hotel was completely renovated according to European hotel industry standards and certification, with new bathrooms, furniture, paint, tiles, and draperies making it one of the most luxurious of standard and family hotels.
Today, Pavlos and Eleni can be proud of the vision they had all those years ago that has clearly paid off with visitors whose favorite summer hotel is Abatis. They now run the hotel along with their son Dionysis and visit the hotel with the entire family many summer weekends to mingle with their guests.